Weekly Games Thread Wants Your Heart – Literally

Hello, all, and welcome to the Weekly Video Games Thread! Last Monday, we talked about romance – a fitting theme for Valentine’s Day. But always up to make dumber, more glib ideas, my own thoughts of Valentine’s hearts turned towards regular hearts. And it made me come to a very odd realization:

Video games have a ton of weird, giant organs, huh?

Huge hearts, exposed brains, massive eyes; the games industry has the kind of fetish for organs you’d expect from a black market dealer, lounging in a tub full of ice. Think of all the Nintendo giants felled by gouging out their even more exposed than normal eyes. Or the classic, late-Eighties boss whose damaged form revealed pulsing, evil brain matter. And what about Mortal Kombat letting you perform an impromptu case of open heart surgery? Organs get in on this even in ways that seem out of the ordinary, like Crypt of the NecroDancer‘s pulsing, driving heart that was almost the header image.

So what do you, the viewers at home, think? Do you have any immediate memories of a time when a video game just up and threw an organ at you? Is there a way you’d like to see internal tissue be used in the games of the future? Does the bloody comedy of Surgeon Simulator impress you, or are you more of a fan of Bowser’s Inside Story?

And when you’re not trying to answer this exultingly dumb prompt, tell us how your weekend of gaming was!