Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Won’t Someone PLEASE Think Of The Children!?

Wow, it was a tough week to be a kid in the Arrowverse, huh? On Black Lightning, a child was killed in the crossfire of a gang shootout. On Batwoman, meanwhile, children were merely abducted and psychologically tortured into being slaves for criminal cartels. That show does love its abducted child plots, doesn’t it?

Something else that it, and all the Arrowverse shows, love? Made-up drugs. Tobias Whale’s still injecting himself with serum, to explain how he could be in Jefferson’s childhood flashbacks without appearing to age. Lynn’s working on injections that can give people temporary superpowers; I’d love it if they somehow worked that into an adaptation of Dial H for Hero. And in Gotham there’s that new drug Snakebite which is just straight ripping off the dual-needle gimmick from Vertigo, the Arrowverse’s original it-works-however-we-say-it-works drug.

Speaking of drugs, did it sound to anyone else like Vesper Fairchild was doing an ad for Snakebite? Sure, her broadcast ended with a warning about it being dangerous, but mostly she was talking about what a great and unique high it can give. It came off very much like Futurama saying their program “does not advocate the cool crime of robbery”.

Moving on from this past week to the weeks ahead: Obviously this Tuesday will see the premiere of new series Superman & Lois, but there’s also some news coming from Arrowverse-adjacent series Stargirl. It’s been announced that Season 2 of Stargirl will feature an appearance by the Jay Garrick version of The Flash … played once again by John Wesley Shipp! If they’re not planning to have any direct crossover between Stargirl and the Arrowverse, that’s still a fun way of hinting at the whole multiversal connection thing.

Question of the Week: Would you like Stargirl to have a crossover with the other CW superhero shows, or would you prefer for it to remain its own, separate thing?