Marbula One Season 2: GP 7 Raceforest Qualifiers

And we are back to Marbula One! We’re picking up with qualifying race for GP 7 of the season. 20 marbles, only 16 teams will qualify and move on! The Jungle Jumpers are hosting us today with their lush, leafy, and windy track. Let’s goooooo! (And if you need a refresher as to where things left off in Marbula One… )

Q1 begins with Skip of the Jungle Jumpers and Minty Fresh of the Minty Maniacs. Minty Fresh would set the initial time to beat with a 29.42, just more than a second ahead of Skip. Yellup and Ocean are the next two racers and come close but can’t beat Minty Fresh’s time (Ocean juuuust missed it, 0.09 seconds). Limelime and Snowstorm are the next two marbles but Minty Fresh maintains their lead (though Skip keeps getting pushed down. No home track advantage I guess). Rima and Tumult are the next two out. And Rima takes advantage of the smooth final stretch to build up some speed and pass Minty Fresh by a narrow 0.16 seconds! Wospy and Speedy are the next two out and Speedy looks good through the first turn but can’t keep it up. Both do well enough to grab top 5 spots for themselves halfway through Q1.

The second half starts with Azure and Razzy but neither really builds up enough to seriously threaten the top 5 racers thus far. Orangin and Pulsar are the next two out of the gate but like the previous two they fail to threaten. Smoggy and Honey are the next two and they look good to start. Both are green at the start but they fall off as they continue. Smoggy tumbles all the way to the bottom while Honey just barely cracks top 10. Bolt and Momo are next and Bolt comes out hot. Can’t maintain it the whole time but still pulls into 6th place at the end. Billy and Red Eye take the shots now and show why they’re in the top 3 overall rankings with their showing. Billy finishes 7th in qualifiers while Red Eye seizes the top spot and continues their impressive M1 run and takes pole at the end of Q1.

Red Eye, Rima, Minty Fresh, Wospy, Speedy, Bolt and Billy are your racers for Q2. Two laps to determine the top 4 and they all come out hot. Red Eye drops back and pulls forward again while racing through sector 1. But its not a secure lead, Minty Fresh and Rima are both hungry today and pull ahead at the back end of lap 1. Speedy just slightly back of Red Eye. Red Eye briefly pulls ahead of Minty Fresh in lap 2 but Minty Fresh puts on the burners and gets back ahead and even overtakes Rima! But its brief, a bad bounce off the wall and Rima will take the lead back and not let go. Minty Fresh, Red Eye and Speedy round out the top 4 and move onto Q3 and the battle for pole.

Rima starts off strong while the other 3 marbles are bunched up several lengths behind. The wall turning into sector 3 proves to be Minty Fresh’s bane once more as the hit the wall and fall back to fourth behind Red Eye and Speedy. Rima trying to build the lead out more as Red Eye maybe gets a little too intense and takes a big bounce off the wall at the start of the second lap, letting Speedy pull ahead in second place. Minty Fresh is right on Red Eye’s heels. The final stretch is intense as Speedy pulls almost even with Rima but Rima has just enough to hold on and takes the win and pole position. Speedy, Red Eye, and Minty Fresh round it out.

Look for the GP7 post later today!