WW 144: Hunger Wolves – Day 7

Eda grumbled as she walked the arena by herself. She had gotten to join a fancy club of troublemakers. Sure, maybe they were a little unhinged with their determination to kill everyone else, but it was still fun to be part of a team. But now the rest of the club had been killed off, including their dear leader. Which meant she was now alone in the arena.

She was not surprised when a figure with a sword appeared in front of her, and after all she had lost, she lacked the will to stop it. A cannon went off.

Eda / Mr. Plow is dead. They were formerly in District 13, co-owned the Hive and held the Mockingjay Pin, and died with 30 Capitol Coins.


District 1: Narrowstrife & Admirax

District 2: Dramus18 & Nate the Lesser

District 3: Hoho & Lindsay

District 4: Louie & Owen

District 5: Forget_it_Jake & Confederatio Delenda Est

District 6: Ralph & Marlowe

District 7: Raven & Side Character

District 8: Emm & Grumproro

District 9: Captain Video & Mr. Plow99


Alliance A – 4 3 Members

Alliance B — 4 Members

Alliance C – 3 Members

Alliance D – 3 2 Members

Twilight will be on Wednesday, February 17th at 9PM EST