AvocaD&D and Tabletop Gaming: The Convergence Manifesto, Part 11

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Our subclass discussion for this week is the Divine Soul Sorcerer. Theses Sorcerers get their magic from a spark of divinity in their souls, whether it comes from an angelic ancestor or simply by being chosen by a god at birth. Sorcerers such as these have access to Divine Magic from 1st level. Whenever you learn a new spell, you can choose spells from the Cleric spell list in addition to the Sorcerer list. If you choose a Cleric spell, you still cast it using your CHA modifier, as opposed to WIS. In addition, the divine spark within you is aligned with your choice of Good, Evil, Law, Chaos, or Neutrality. Depending on this choice, you automatically learn one additional spell, which doesn’t count against your number of spells known. If your divine spark has an affinity for Good, you learn Cure Wounds; if it is Evil, you learn Inflict Wounds. If you choose Law, you get Bless; if you choose Chaos, you get Bane. Finally, if you choose Neutrality, you gain Protection From Good and Evil.

Also at 1st level, you are Favored by the Gods, and the divine power that bestowed your magic can also guide your destiny. If you miss an attack roll or fail a saving throw, you can roll 2d4 and add the total to your result. You can only use this ability once per short or long rest.

At 6th level, your divinity grants you Empowered Healing. When you cast a spell to restore hit points to a creature, you can use 1 sorcerer point to reroll any number of the dice rolled to determined how many hit points are restored. You can also use this ability to affect spells cast by an ally within 5 feet of you. However, note that it only affects healing spells, not potions or natural healing from Hit Dice.

When you reach level 14, you can manifest a pair of Otherworldly Wings from your back, as a bonus action. The wings give you a flying speed of 30 feet, and their appearance is determined by your chosen affinity. For Good or Law affinity, the wings resemble those of an eagle. For Evil or Chaos, your wings look like a bat’s. If you chose Neutrality, you get dragonfly wings.

Finally, at 18th level, you gain the ability recover quickly from grievous wounds. If you have fewer than half of your maximum hit points remaining, you can use your Unearthly Recovery as a bonus action to immediately heal yourself, regaining half of your maximum hit points. For example, if your hit point maximum is 100, this ability gives you back 50 hp, but you can only use it when your current hit points are at 50 or less. You must finish a long rest before using this ability again.

Players and Characters

Josephus is back as DM to continue his Eberron. The members of the Clifftop Adventurer’s Guild in Sharn include:

  • Sly, a Wildhunt Shifter Druid of the Circle of Dreams from the mysterious and exotic continent of Xen’drik (CleverGuy)
  • Cherri Bomb, a pink Tiefling Rogue (Waffle)
  • Uda Haserrea, a Summer Eladrin Paladin hailing from the Fairy Court of Thelanis (Wasp)
  • Petie, an Earth Genasi Ranger, who grew up in mostly Dwarvish community underground (Spiny)
  • Scylla, a Half-Elf Genie Patron Warlock, who a found a curious patron in a back alley market near Morgrave University (Hayes)
The Spiral Well

Dear Patience,

I’m not sure if you’ll ever see this letter. I’m writing it deep underneath the Crawling Swamp in the Shadow Marches on the western edge of Khorvaire. We’ve been sent to look for something called the Spiral Well. No one really knows what it is, but the Provost believes it to be tied to Xoriat, the Realm of Madness, somehow. It seems he’s correct, as we’re now holed up inside a dimensional seal, but the seal is failing and things are starting to come through. I’ve been lucky enough to stave off the madness so far, but I’m not sure about my friends.

This whole thing started with a job just like any other, except we had very little information to go on. Apparently the Provost found some old arcanist’s journal that pointed to the location of the Spiral Well in the Shadow Marches. Apparently she’d gone there to try and recover the Spiral Well, but never returned. We made our way to Zarash’ak, but no one there knew anything about the Spiral Well, or had even heard of this arcanist, Vilda Karrte. So we started searching the swamp. It was not pleasant–before long, I was pining for the days I spent in Greenheart after we stopped that weretiger from invading the Twilight Forest. I learned so much from Oalian! I very much hope to make it back to the Eldeen Reaches some day.

Well, that’s beside the point. I’m not sure exactly how long we were wandering the Crawling Swamp, but eventually we stumbled across an old ruin. It was really nothing more than a doorway in the earth, leading to a long stairway deep under the ground. We walked down for what felt like hours, and the bottom we found an Orc woman who said she was a Gatekeeper druid whose task it was to guard the dimensional seal keeping the denizens of Xoriat from escaping into our world. We asked about the arcanist, and the Orc said she had indeed been there. She had forced her way past the druid guardian and into the inner seal, and after that the Orc had lost contact with the inner guardian. She was wounded, in a way that even my magic couldn’t heal, so the Orc asked us to enter the seal and find out what happened, and if necessary reinforce the seal as well. But first there was a test.

I had a vision of starving hunter, who asked for help killing an elk so he could eat. I tried to gather some of the berries that the elk was eating and give them to the hunter instead. Then everything changed. I could see wolf on the ground, bloody. I knew it had been protecting me from a horrible monster, and that the monster was coming for me now. I could try to heal my canine companion, or stand and fight the monster myself. I chose to help the wolf, of course.

Then I was back in the chamber, apparently having passed the Orc’s test, along with the rest of my friends. She marked us all with what she called the Sign of Healing, and gave each of us some berries that would help cure any wounds we might suffer. Since our instincts were to heal, rather than attack, the Sign would increase our natural healing capacities, though at the expense of making our weapons more difficult to use. She also gave us 5 vials of a green liquid, which she was some of her life essence and could be used to help restore the seals.

And with that we were inside. We found ourselves in a corridor, curving off to either side. There was a door directly in front of us, but we could see more doors down the hall, and we decided to investigate the rest of the corridor before going in any other rooms. As we traveled around the loop, we saw more doors–some were locked, some looked like they had been opened and then re-sealed with heavy bars. Eventually Petie became curious enough to put her ear to a door, and was rewarded with a magical explosion that threw us all back. The next room had no door at all, and as I glanced in I saw the room inside suddenly change to some kind of tentacled horror space. An instant later it was a normal room again, and I could see some skeletal remains in the far corner of the room. I was not inclined to go inside after that brief vision, though. Unfortunately, Uda was. I tried to stop her and she attacked me! Whatever was in that room affected her mind briefly, and by some miracle I was able to pull her out of the room before anything terrible happened.

We continued on, but Uda was growing impatient. She hurled a javelin at the next door, and to our surprise the javelin sailed right through the door! Unfortunately, a handful of crossbow bolts came flying back through the illusory door at Uda. I thought we were about to fight the four demon-things inside but then a voice called out for us to stop, and the demons listened. We had found the missing arcanist, still alive, after 10 years of being trapped in here. The room she was in had a glyph on one wall, and some strange crystals on another. Vilda told us her story about she’d survived in here, fighting some monsters and turning others into her pets. There’s something strange about her, I don’t know what it is, but I don’t trust her a bit. Though it seemed that green liquid wanted me to pour it onto the crystals, I didn’t want Vilda to know what we were doing. I convinced the rest of my companions that we needed to explore and learn more before taking any action.

We eventually made our way back around to the first door, and we went inside. On one wall were 5 glyphs surrounding a large dark circle; one of the glyphs was glowing, but the others were dark. Inside a cabinet we found a pair of keys, though it looked like there were more keys that were missing. There was also a chest in the room that rocked us all with another arcane explosion when Cherri tried to open it. Luckily we had those magical berries. Inside the chest we found a Spellshard. Scylla picked it up to examine it and then suddenly looked at the rest of us as if we were going to attack at any moment. All of a sudden, she disappeared into that oil lamp she always carries around! After a minute or so, she came out, apparently whatever sudden madness had siezed her had passed. But she told us she saw a vision in the spellshard. Glyphs like those we’d seen in Vilda’s room going dark, and then being reignited by applying some green liquid to the nearby crystals. As more glyphs when dark, the black circle on the wall grew larger.

Our task seems clear now, though how exactly we can accomplish it I’m not sure. I still don’t trust Vilda, and she’s there guarding the one crystal whose location we know. I don’t know when I’ll be able to send this letter–or if I’ll send it at all, even if we do make it through this. But it helps me to write even if you never get to read this, Patience. With luck I’ll write again soon, and we can visit the Eldeen Reaches together.

Your brother,