V-Day First Date Meal Sunday Food Thread 2/14

Okay so it’s Valentine’s Day today and as much as I want to resist succumbing to sentimentality I’m going for it anyway. A little twist though, what’s a go-to restaurant or meal that you would want to treat a new relationship to? Not necessarily a first date but once you feel like there’s a spark this is the kind of meal that really tells your date you’re serious. For me personally I knew my (future) wife before we started dating and I was well aware of how into food and cooking she is. After a few dates when we really were getting into each other I invited her over to my apartment for a meal that I would cook. She’s a vegetarian but does eat dairy & eggs so I had a pretty wide area to choose from. In the past I’d made feta stuffed crepes out of The Vegetarian Epicure, Book Two and I really liked them so I went for it. I’m happy to report it was a success but now has also sealed my fate as the crepe maker in the family. But that’s okay, I’ll bear that cross! The flipside to that story is that we met due to playing music together and the band rehearsed at her house (she’s a drummer). After rehearsals she would feed the band and prior to asking her out I started to notice that I was getting the nicest looking plates. It was subtle and she claims totally subconscious, but it sure made an impression on me!

If you’re in a relationship was there a meal that was a milestone? Something either you instigated or were on the receiving end of? If you’re single and looking do you have a meal that you would use to impress, what would impress you? If you’re single and not looking what sort of a meal do you do to treat yourself?