The Friday Politics Thread Prepares its Defense

Hi Politicadoes, we spent the week having to revisit every depressing moment of January 6th. Now it’s time for the slapstick antics of Trump’s Defense Team: Dewey, Cheathem and Howe. Of course, I am exaggerating for effect, the Three Stooges would never work for Trump. They worked for Ted Healy after all, and know all about being cheated out of wages.

I’m sure the next day or so is going to be laughably awful, but on the very bright side, the Biden Administration continues to make strides undoing as much of the awfulness of the previous administration as quickly as possible.

Adventures in RoRo: She got her first official valentine from. Some toddler gave her one at Gymboree. According to the kid’s mom, he was very insistent about it. RoRo, to her credit, accepted it graciously, and did not simply throw it away. I’m happy that she seems to make friends. I was probably 27 before I got a valentine!

So, let’s Bee friends today, and don’t threaten to harm anyone or anything. Engaging in Hog Poggle can be very romantic under the right circumstances, don’t you think? This remains a Ben Garrison Free Zone, so I’d ask that you turn in your Ben Garrisons at the door.

Have a great Friday, and long weekend if you are lucky enough to get Presidents Day off on Monday!

Also, Happy Lunar New Year to everyone! Year of the Ox!