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Tuesday’s Politics Thread is buckled up, strapped in, and hunkered down

Let’s do this Senate Trial! What’s gonna happen? Probably nothing, says my pessimistic side. But you never know. Maybe some GOP spines will grow three times as big.

Bruce Castor, who every recently became The Idiot’s attorney after five of his previous attorneys jumped ship, is a bad dude. He’s a smart dude, but he’s a bad one. He’s the guy who famously declined to prosecute Bill Cosby, but most of y’all knew that. What I didn’t know until listening to Opening Arguments episode 462 was that he declined to prosecute because he had a unwritten deal with Cosby not to prosecute him if Cosby didn’t plead the fifth during any civil suit brought by his victim. Castor also sued Cosby’s victim because she sued him for defamation weeks before an election for which he was running for DA, claiming her suit was politically motivated and cost him the election. A judge dismissed the suit.


And of course, his other attorney, David Schoen, was Jeffery Epstein’s lawyer, which…..I mean…..everyone is entitled to a defense. And I have nothing to say about this guy otherwise.

But still, yikes.

NEW POLITICAL PODCAST ALERT!! For all you impeachment trial needs, Elie Honig has released his new podcast early with the express purpose of going through everything about the impeachment trial in the Senate. Episodes are supposed to be 10 minutes. The first episode was released yesterday. Have at it! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/third-degree/id1551827752

Anyhooo, insert your favorite popcorn gif here! It’s gonna be a day! I have two words for you: Be. Haayyyve. No threatening Mayor McSquirrel. All the rest of the stuff.