Musicals Thread (Love Songs)

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This week we have another wonderful thread written by Lydia! As always, if anyone would like to write a special prompt or a feature of any kind for this thread, just let me know. 

As Amneris would remind us (with some help from Tim Rice), “every story, new or ancient…all are tales of love at heart”. It’s fitting, then, that stories told through music would provide us with so many songs about the bonds between characters. There are, after all, so many types of love to sing about – long past, barely begun, unrequited, a mutual commitment, a friendship, romantic, familial – so let’s not talk about anything else but love songs!

One that I’d like to highlight is “Benny’s Dispatch” from In the Heights, sung by Benny and Nina. The two have other songs later in the show that are more directly about their relationship, but what I love about this one is its levity, something the “mad stressed” Nina is in sore need of. In her introductory number she’s a bundle of nerves, but Benny is able to bring a smile to her face – her “Hello! Good morning!” here is positively joyful. It’s a sweet reunion between old friends, with hints of how their relationship will further develop over the next couple of days. 

What’s your favorite love song?