Failure only Made this Weekly Games Thread Stronger

Happy Monday, folks! It’s 1 PM Eastern Time, and you know what that means: our first Games Thread of the week! Today’s prompt: failure – or, rather, the ways that a failure or a loss or a struggle in a game helped you out.

Pretty much all of us have experienced difficulties in games we’ve played at some point or another, and we’ve lost contests or matches or races or fights or things of those nature. Sometimes, we’ve lost against human counterparts in multiplayer games. Other times, we failed to stop a boss’s wrath or lost a comrade in a game with permadeath. These could be embarrassing or frustrating, or even tinged with a sense of loss. But we’ve learned from at least some of these failures and come back greater.

Sometimes, it makes it more skilled at playing the game – so much that it carried over into other games. Other times, it helps us get a new perspective on the game or us or even the whole experience of playing. Maybe it turned out that the failure was itself a thing we needed, or a new way to appreciate something we love? But let’s talk about them.

Also remember: SingingBrakeman published an interview with the developers of Size Five Games – including Avocado champ Ben!