Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Renewalpalooza

This past week had a fun little episode of Batwoman. We got the long awaited appearance of Safiyah, we got Victor Zsasz appearing and being an absolute blast, we got Ryan debuting her new Batwoman look, and, oh yeah, we got confirmation that Kate is alive (well, sorta; the person telling us that was a villain, after all).

This episode was shortly followed by a bout of good news for Arrowverse fans. Yes, it’s that time of year again when the CW takes a look at its lineup of shows and decides, what the heck, let’s renew just about everything. Supergirl and Black Lightning will still be ending this season, as planned, but it’s been confirmed that next season we’ll be getting Batwoman Season 3, The Flash Season 8, and Legends of Tomorrow Season 7.

No renewal for Superman & Lois yet (understandable, given it won’t even premiere for a few more weeks), but the network has ordered an additional two episodes for the first season, bringing the total episode count up to 15, so clearly they’re feeling confident about it.

In the more immediate future, Batwoman will be taking next week off before returning on February 14th, but we’ll still have plenty to discuss here next week, as Black Lightning Season 4 will be premiering this Tuesday.

Oh! Also, we’ve finally gotten a trailer for the upcoming season of The Flash:

Also also, a second trailer for Superman & Lois has just come out, literally minutes prior to this post going up:

Question of the Week: What villains would you like to see switch shows, and bother a different group of heroes for a change?