Comic Book Review – Stake #1

Writer – David A. Byrne

Artist – Francesa Fantini

My friends Cole, Nick, and Todd run the Comic Burrito Livestream on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I tune into their interviews with comic creators on Saturday nights to learn about upcoming comics and other projects on the horizon. Last month, they had David A. Byrne on to discuss his newest comic book, Stake. After hearing the premise, I ordered the first issue immediately.

Vampires have been hiding in the shadows for longer that we could have imagined. Ashwyn, the leader of a small group of bloodsuckers, make their presence felt in the world by killing an innocent high school student named Brock Wilson. The video of this cold-blooded murder goes viral on T.V. and the Internet. Angel Stinson decides that something must be done about these monsters, christens herself as Stake, and sets her sights on Ashwyn and his brood. However, before she can face off against Ashwyn, she’ll have to take down a few low-level vampires to hone her skills. They won’t see what’s coming until its too late.

Stake slays the competition and gives other vampire hunters like Buffy, Faith, and Fray a run for their money. It’s the 21st century and we get to see Stake plan her missions and show her progress via her social media account. Just don’t comment anything inappropriate in the chat or you will be banned permanently!

By the end of the first issue, we learn the motivation for Stake’s war on vampires and why it’s so deeply personal for her. Cover A of this issue is bright and beautiful, a sharp contrast to the black and white art inside by Fantini, which is dark and gritty. There are a few splashes of color here and there over the course of the story. It is used sparingly but it accentuates and elevates the black and white interiors.

If you are a fan of horror and revenge tales like I am, Stake checks all those boxes and then some. It would be a mi-stake if you didn’t pick up this new comic series as soon as possible. Stake is available now and you can order it directly from the Scout Comics website. You have the choice of either print or digital editions. Stake #2 will be released on April 28, 2021. I won’t post the solicitation for the next issue like I usually do, but I’ll provide a link so you can read it for yourself to avoid spoilers.