Comic Book Review – The Edge #1

Writer – Marvin Wynn

Artist – Mark V

Working from home is both a boon and a bane. Since the pandemic, I have been forcing myself to get out of my apartment and get fresh air once my workday is over. On Tuesdays, I walk to the next neighborhood over and visit the Geekadrome, one of the local comic shops in the Pittsburgh area. Paul, the owner of the Geekadrome, likes to spotlight local writers and artists. I decided to pick up the first issue of The Edge from Marvin Wynn and Mark V from Second Sight Publishing.  

Revenant, a former hero, has gone rogue after killing Dr. Blas and threatening harm to Mr. Tartabull. Years later, Revenant has resurfaced in Los Angeles and Tartabull sends Mystic and a group of heroes to bring Revenant in by any means necessary.

The Edge is one-part Bourne Identity, one-part The Fugitive, and one-part Justice League of America. Tartabull remembers that Revenant was supposed “to be an experiment in abnormal – human endurance and intelligence. Instead, it was an experiment in plain human sanity crumbling…into sudden tragedy.” Ponder what would happen if Batman was a bad guy and Superman and the Justice League had to try to stop him. Mystic and his team are fully capable in bringing him to justice. The issue features Mystic leading Bolt, Blain, and Interim into a hostage situation to try and rescue innocent bystanders in the grasp of religious fanatics. After successfully completing their mission, Tartabull sends Mystic and his teammates after Revenant.

I enjoyed this new world of heroes Wynn debuts in this first issue. There are a few mysteries left open ended that have piqued my interest and I’m curious to see how they will play out over the course of the series. There are a few secrets that Tartabull seems to be withholding from Mystic and his crew, which may cause more harm than good. Did Revenant volunteer to be part of the experiment that gave him his powers or was he an unwitting guinea pig? What is the name of this super team that has joined together to face off against Revenant?

There is an action sequence toward the end of the issue between Blain and Revenant that was just a tad confusing that I had to review a few times to get the gist of what happened. Blain and Revenant are fighting inside a building consumed by flames, while two characters outside the building are blown back from an explosion, caused by a bag of grenades catching fire. I thought Blain and Revenant were ejected from the building, but it’s actually Mystic and Bolt that are knocked off their feet.

I am a fan of team books like Avengers and Suicide Squad, so the Edge is right up my alley. I was floored that the cost of this book was only $2.99! In today’s day and age, you might buy a book for $3.99 or $4.99 and have buyer’s remorse. You won’t have that problem with the Edge. It’s full of nonstop action and intrigue.

The Edge #1 will be released on March 03, 2021. It’s not too late to preorder the first issue. If you would like to order it, contact your local comic shop and ask for the Edge #1 or give them the following code -JAN211528.