30 Day Animation Challenge Day 2: Best Animated TV Series Of 2020

While there was a lot wrong with 2020 there was also a lot of good stuff, particularly in the animated arena as a slew of TV series landed this past year. While some projects saw delays, others were able to be completed and land with strong effect because so much of it became group-watching with friends or at least shared discussions.

Since we started in on your origins yesterday with your first animated film that you remember, this takes us to the current point of your evolution as we want to know what you thought the best animated series of 2020 was?

This was a tough choice for me between a couple of shows but I was just deliriously happy with the second season of Harley Quinn and all the risks that it took. It did a lot of that in the first season as well but this one was just filled with even more confidence and surefootedness as it moved towards an endgame that most of us thought we wouldn’t get.

Bonus Question: Which show failed your expectations for 2020?