30 Day Animation Challenge Day 1: Your First Animated Feature Film

We’re getting our newest challenge underway here and we’re going to go back to what started it all for many of us. That first animated feature film. There’s definitely going to be some differences in experiences here, especially those of us who were growing up in the pre-VCR being common age, as there weren’t as many options in general. For myself, I still have really fond memories of being introduced to the Disney Robin Hood film which stuck with me since then. It was one of my earliest theatrical experiences – though I’ve been told about it as I don’t remember it specifically – combined with multiple viewings over the years in so many forms. It wasn’t a big musical piece but it had some song and dance that opened my eyes to that world. It taught me the basics of the core story of the character and it gave me a lot to laugh at and with. And, like a lot of Disney films from this time and before, helped to instill some solid values without it being hammered into me.

What’s the first animated feature you remember and hold onto as that to this day?

Bonus Question: If you have kids, what did you pick as their first animated feature film where they could recognize it as such?