Winter Marble League E5 – Ice Hockey

This is it everyone! The Winter Marble League 2021 finale, Ice Hockey. In a slight change from previous Ice Hockey events, the 16 teams will face off against each other based on their placement in the overall standings in 2 period elimination games (with overtime as needed, no shootouts here). The pucks for the event are ball bearings and each team’s goaltender has a magnet to work with in order to try and make saves. This event was last seen in the 2018 Marble League where the Midnight Wisps took gold. Minty Maniacs got silver and the Savage Speeders the bronze medal winners.

And with that in mind the event begins with the top ranked Oceanics taking on the Chocolatiers. Some smooth work in the net on the part of the Oceanics goalie as the two teams play to two scoreless periods. But in overtime we see the big upset as the Chocolatiers knock off the top seed in the event’s tournament and advance. Raspberry Racers take on the Crazy Cat’s Eyes next. The first period was scoreless between the two teams but CCE couldn’t stand up to a vicious second period assault by the Raspberry Racers who put two pucks in the net to advance. Matchup number 3 saw the O’rangers go up against the Pinkies. Pinkies had a strong first period, scoring once and just missing a couple other goals. But the second period saw a burst of offense from the O’rangers who put 3 pucks in the net to put down the Pinkies and move on. Up next we had two previously strong performers in this event go up against each other in the Midnight Wisps and Minty Maniacs. The Maniacs put one behind the Wisps in the first to take an early 1-0 lead. Both teams scored in the second period but the Wisps remained behind and the Minty Maniacs gained a measure of revenge for 2018.

The second half of the round of 16 began with the Thunderbolts and Snowballs going at it. The Snowballs got a fast start with 2 going in in the first period. Thunderbolts got 1 in the second but came up just short of tying it and sending it to OT. Snowballs move on. Green Ducks and Savage Speeders each potted a goal in the first period of their match-up. But the second period saw the Savage Speeders explode, dumping 3 pucks into the net of the Green Ducks and moving on with a 4-2 win. Hazers vs Balls of Chaos is up next. Another match that saw each team score once in the first period. The second period saw them repeat that (though if not for the Hazer’s goaltender it well could’ve ended there) and move onto overtime. This time each team would score TWICE and we’re knotted at 4 headed to double overtime. The Hazers don’t mess around here. Four pucks are put in and the Hazers are moving on. Team Momo vs Team Galactic are the final match-up in the round of 16. Team Galactic would take control with a two goal first period and move on with a 3-1 victory.

Onto the quarterfinals we go. Chocolatiers come in to take on the Raspberry Racers. No goals in the first but it wasn’t for lack of trying as pucks were swarming the Chocolatiers net. Each team would put one in the net in the second period and we’re headed for overtime. There the Raspberry Racers would dump three in the net and move on with a 4-2 victory and putting an early end to any potential Cinderella hopes for the Chocolatiers. O’rangers vs Minty Maniacs is next. A three goal outburst by the O’rangers in the first would be enough. O’rangers move on with a 3-1 victory. Snowballs and Savage Speeders go up against each other next. The Speeders get two in the first and then another in the second. Savage Speeders move onto the semifinals, 3-0. The final quarterfinal match, Hazers vs Team Galactic is next. The first period is scoreless, but Team Galactic put one in the net late in the second to win 1-0 and become the final team to move on.

Final four teams are ready to go. Raspberry Racers vs O’rangers are up first. Two early goals by the Raspberry Racers in the second get them off to a good start and they’ll hold on for a 3-1 victory. And they don’t just deny the O’rangers a top two finish on the podium for this event, they prevent them from gathering enough points to move far enough up in the overall standings where they were still a threat to the top ranked Oceanics. Savage Speeders take an early lead on Team Galactic 1-0 in the first period. The second period is a flurry of offense to send us knotted up at 3 into overtime. Each team gets an overtime goal to maintain the tie and send us to our second double OT of the day. The Savage Speeders combine sharp defense with an opportunistic offense to take the win and move onto the finals.

O’rangers and Team Galactic will take each other on. And putting Team Galactic right back out there after the double OT match-up might have put them in a bind. They allow 3 goals in the first and another in the second, falling 4-1 and giving the O’rangers a bronze finish. The gold medal game is all Raspberry Racers. Three goals in the first put them up early and they’ll take the match 4-1 to claim the Winter Marble League’s final gold medal with Savage Speeders settling for a silver finish.

The closing ceremonies see the jubilant coronation of the Oceanics as winners of the Winter Marble League. Congrats to them on a well-earned victory! The O’rangers were able to move up to second overall, just ahead of the Hazers while the Raspberry Racers first medal of the event allowed them to jump 5 spots to fourth overall.

Up Next: Marbula One!

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