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The Weekend Politics Thread is Enjoying the Quiet

With Donald Trump out of the White House, the Executive Branch is beginning to look downright normal. It’s so weird! Normal is the new weird.

Most of the talk of the week has been focused on either Marjorie Taylor Greene (and her space laser of crazy) or the Stock Market (a topic I must recuse myself from discussing as the Market only makes marginally more sense than Marjorie Taylor Greene to me). You know, I’m starting to miss those few days where the only thing anyone was talking about was Bernie sitting in a chair.

It might be a refreshing change of pace to look toward events elsewhere in the world!

After a resounding democratic victory in November, Nation faces potential constitutional crisis as some refuse to accept the election results and claim fraud.

Ugh. Really? Here I go again with American news and even older American news at that! Wait…this is about Myanmar? That’s a very misleading and possibly somewhat inaccurate headline (that I wrote).


I’m writing this on Friday, but I’m still figuring out how to use wordpress to post on the Avocado, so I apologize in advance if I screw something up and this post is late or messed up in format or causes a Stock Market crash.

Enjoy your weekend! Keep the clams to a minimum and do not threaten any squirrels, regardless of what Office they may or may not occupy at this time.