The Night Thread Excavates the Space We Left Behind

“Design Your Own Container Garden” is a Mountain Goats song from the “See America Right” single. It’s a devastating, vulnerable downtempo track about looking back at the past you gave up and realizing you can never have it back.

I took to the highway, went out to Pico-Crenshaw
Old friends, old friends
I took to the highway, the highway took to me
Like a second skin
Rolled around in the evening, circling like a buzzard
Trouble in mind
Excavating the space we left behind

Yes I took trinkets with me, left them by the crater
Here ghosts, old ghosts
Smelled all the chlorine, I took the low road
Where the light was just right
Crawled around in the glowing, all-embracing wreckage
Sunburned and snow-blind
Excavating the space we left behind