The Weekly Wrestling Thread On a Forklift

Here’s this week’s happenings.

-Amanda Huber Details the Timeline to Brodie Lee’s Illness on AEW Unrestricted

-Peacock bought the whole of the WWE network and it will be on peacock in the USA in the near future. Yep.
-Meiko Satomura Signs With WWE, will join NXT UK
-Royal Rumble this weekend

-Trey Miguel re-appears in impact, weeks after his group the Rascalz split with Wentz & Dez being in NXT now
-GCW and others insane 24 hour indie show is happening this weekend. It’s free, start time is 8pm

The discussion question for the week is: Talking gimmick matches. Throw in your favorites, worst, most stupid. Whatever

As usually this thread is open for all wrestling (related) discussion so get to it!