Jack Valenti explains movie ratings in the Day Thread

Now might be a good time to tell you all about the Motion Picture Association of America’s fascinating rating system. Now, if a family wants to see a movie and it’s rated G, then everyone can go. Mom and Dad and Buffy and Jodie and Grandma and Grandpa and even Sergeant Scruffy. If it’s PG then there might be something unsuitable for young or sensitive viewers in which case Buffy would just have to stay home along with Grandma who didn’t want to go to the movies anyway

Now if the movie is rated PG-13 it might have some material in there that mommy and daddy might not like some of the young kids to see so Jodie might just have to stay home. Bye bye Jodie. If the movie is rated R then its going to contain some adult material in which case Dad who’s got a lazy tummy will probably want to stay home.

But if the movie is rated NC-17 that means kids can’t get in, only adults can get in. Mom doesn’t want to see adult movies but Grandpa was in the Army and he’s not bothered very much so he decides to stay along with Sergeant Scruffy, who’s just a dumb dog anyway. I hope that it explains it, now back to your thread.