Werewolves 142: The Compound – Day 1

It seemed like such a good idea. All these people had been so kind to you. And you had needed a place to go after…you know…

And it was fine for a while. Sure, the farmhouse and all the sheds and outbuildings were creepy. Especially at night. And the nearest neighbor was thirty miles away.

But on the Compound, there was a routine. You’d get up. You’d pray. You’d do your chores. In the evening, you’d have meetings. Day in and day out. Predictable. Safe.

Lately, though, things have felt weird. The Elite have begun to hold their own secret meetings, making decisions for the whole Compound without any input from you. And worse, it’s like a fog has fallen over everything. Both literally – the days have become relentlessly foggy and misty – and figuratively. You’re no longer sure who’s in charge. Who should be in charge. People have been acting strangely. Private gatherings that you haven’t been invited to. Chanting echoing through the halls. A little girl has been seen playing in the hallways, hiding around corners…who is that little girl?

And in the night, the rumbling. It’s there in the place between consciousness and sleep. Is the whole Compound over a massive sinkhole? Will you all be sucked down into the earth?

Keep your eyes open. Nothing is what it seems.


There are 17.5 CULT MEMBERS (TOWN).

There are 4.5 CULT ELITE (WOLVES).


That’s all you know.


  • The order of actions will be [REDACTED].
  • Ties result in [REDACTED].
  • There will be no eavesdropping mechanics.
  • You must make a minimum of three posts per day to avoid being mod-killed or replaced. Do not quote from your QTs. DO NOT EDIT YOUR COMMENTS.
  • Nothing is reliable.


  1. Owen – The Burger King
  2. Hoho – Munchkin Mayor
  3. Wasp – Lucky Lola, KULT DJ
  4. Goat – Danger Mouse
  5. Lindsay – Ned Flanders
  6. Lamb – LETTERBOXD Reviews
  7. Sic – Kimmy Schmidt
  8. Adam Farrar – Jane from King of the Hill
  9. Mac – Maxwell MacCorquodale
  10. Spooky – Aubrey
  11. Nate – Jim Jones, Maytag Salesman
  12. Raven – Sherilynn, Young Living salesperson
  13. Captain Video – K. Navy Chevron
  14. Sheleeta – Cassie Bowden from The Flight Attendant
  15. Louie – Karl the Cultist
  16. Jake – Amelia Bedelia
  17. Dicentra – Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
  18. Narrowstrife – Darren McFarren, Video World Library Salesman
  19. Emmelemm –  Kitty Witless
  20. Malthusc – Kool-Aid Man
  21. RPC – LARPer
  22. Hayes – PAULA
  23. Tiff – The Who’s Tommy
  24. SagittariusKim – Tuxedo Mask


  1. Indy
  2. Marlowe