The Friday Politics Thread Loots the White House

This Friday, I’m going to give you all an open question to discuss. If you could take one “souvenir” from the Trump White House, what would it be? And what would you do with it?

Next week, our long national nightmare shifts from being totally unprepared for the test of basic humanity to the one where we’re falling out an airplane and losing all our teeth.

RoRo performance update: She can sing most of the words to the first verse of “My favorite things”, which is pretty good, although I can’t stand the song itself. And she goes really strong into the “WHENTHEDOGBITES! WHENTHE BEEEE STINGS!” part.

Once again, the “wishing harm on people” has been getting out of hand, so please don’t do that. Ditto the unsourced rumors. The latter is annoying, the former could get us in big trouble.

Ben Garrison is forever forbidden. Hog Poggle at your own risk.

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Happy Friday!