30 Day Music Challenge Day 13: The Best James Bond Theme Song

Growing up on the James Bond film series has been a blast because one of my favorite parts was always the creativity of the opening sequence. Some stand out strongly over the years in a way I can’t quantify, like Jack White’s “Another Way to Die” for Quantum of Solace, a film I quite like. I also have a real attraction to the uniqueness of the sound and the visuals for Die Another Day from Madonna that felt like a departure from the “norm.”

I grew up on the classics, however, and things like “Goldfinger” from Shirley Bassey simply defined Bond to me. But when it comes to favorite, I always have to go back to the one that was “my” song because it was the first one I saw in the theater as an easily influenced kid with “A View to a Kill” from Duran Duran. That was the height of cool for 14-year-old me.

Bonus Question: Which one do you think is the worst? Say it!