The Creative Endeavors Thread Missed the Painted Hall

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This next week’s likely to last a lot longer than the last several, and, as ever, hoping to find a refuge and solace in creative work is yielding mixed results. The latter, I fear, include writing the Creative Thread for this week. So I decided to reminisce about a happy time—my trip to London in 2019—and one of my planned excursions that didn’t quite come off.

James Thornhill (1675-1734) was an English painter who lived and worked in the early eighteenth century and is mainly known in art history circles these days as the father-in-law of William Hogarth. The latter came up when the former was one of the doyens of English art at a weird time in European history—between the death of Murrillo in 1682 and Watteau’s masterpieces in the late 1710s, there really wasn’t, to my recollection, a widely-acknowledged “great” painter working (though personal favorites of mine like Magnasco or Ruysch were in their prime). Thornhill fit the bill as best he could, though, and one of his masterpieces was the “Painted Hall” at what was then Greenwich Hospital (later the Royal Naval College)


Greenwich was more or less the highlight of my time in London and if you’re looking for a day trip (once one for foreign travelers and even, I imagine, Londoners, is possible again) that doesn’t actually involve going outside the city but does get away from the more famously touristy parts, it’s highly recommended. The National Maritime Museum, the Queen’s House (architecturally instrumental as the first Palladian building in Britain), and the Royal Observatory (home of the Prime Meridian and birthplace of GMT) all surround Greenwich Park, and there are some great pubs nearby as well as the famous clipper Cutty Sark if you like that sort of thing.

The hospital building itself is a gorgeously imposing edifice, unsurprisingly featuring in a number of period movies and television. I’d meant to visit the Hall after a splendid day of roaming around all the aforementioned attractions, but it was my last day and I wanted to make sure I squeezed in as many different parts of the city as possible (took the DLR back to Westminster, roamed St. James’ Park for a bit, and wound up in the Dove between Hammersmith and Chiswick, hands down my favorite pub on the trip as a whole). Next time for sure.

How’s your work going?