30 Day Music Challenge Day 12: The Best 1990s Song

The 90s, to me, felt like a decade where there was less of a consistent sound to it than most decades. Of course, every decade goes through movements and shifts in the sound of it and even if something isn’t completely mainstream there’s a sound that’s on the rise that captures part of it. But the 80s and 70s certainly felt more defined in larger chunks. The 90s moved into a lot of interesting areas for me and we again saw parents upset about a lot of it as kids gravitated toward the outsider status music and the like. You had huge mainstream popular songs like My Heart Will Go On from Celine Deon and the Spice Girls really found their way as well. But you also had groups like R.E.M. carving out more of a mainstream niche while Nirvana exploded grunge onto the scene with Smells Like Teen Spirit. And one can never have enough Lauryn Hill.

This decade was a tough one for me as I fell down the alternative hole in a big way as we had a fantastic station here in Boston that’s long gone for it, but it moved me firmly out of the pop top 40 realm and into exploring more. Yet, what ends up becoming the most memorable song that sticks with me the most when I think of the 90s? Fumblings Towards Ecstasy from Sarah McLachlan and all my experiences with Lilith Fair.

What’s your 90s defining song?