Looking into Duncanville’s future

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Fox has been playing around with newer animated projects since 2018 or so. They’ve ordered 5 animated series in a period of 24 months, Bless the Harts, Duncanville, The Great North, Housebroken, and an unnamed Dan Harmon project, and also have over 10 animated pilots and presentations in development (that does not mean they will be greenlit into shows and probably never will be). They’ve even also ordered some animated mini-shorts titled ‘Dogs Playing Poker’, with the first one airing today before the NFL game at 4pm EDT.

And they’ve been doing fairly decent, considering that Bless the Harts‘ second season landed a 21 episode order, on top of the original 13, and The Great North also landed a second season before the first even aired.

But I want to talk a little bit about Duncanville. In March 2018, Fox ordered an animated presentation for Duncanville. Then in October, they took it straight to series. The show debuted on February 16, 2020 to critical acclaim with an 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. The first season had an order of 13 episodes, but only 11 aired, leaving 2 holdover episodes for season 2.

Despite awful ratings (episode 10 had only 860,000 people watch), on April 6, Fox ordered 13 more episodes of Duncanville for a second season, which is scheduled to hit Fox and Hulu this summer starting in mid-May. The first season had an order of 13 episodes, but only 11 aired, leaving 2 holdover episodes for season 2. Two of the season 2 episodes will be heldover for a potential season 3, for a total of 26 episodes ordered and produced (13 in season 1 and 13 in season 2). However, if the show is cancelled, they’ll be burned off at the end of season 2.

I’m pretty excited for season 2. I thought season 1 was pretty solid and while I thought it had its problems, I’m willing to give season 2 a watch because I think it can really improve. I can only see it lasting if it really improves though, but I have a lot of faith in Amy Poehler and Mike Scully to really give it their all this upcoming season. The cast is wonderful and the writers are pretty talented people. I mean, Amy Poehler is a known comedy legend and Mike Scully showran 4 seasons of one of the greatest animated series ever made. So I’m sure they’re just trying to find their stride and see what works and what doesn’t work.

Lots of shows take their time to get their stride on, and this is no exception. Bless the Harts started off rough for many people, but season 2 is a huge improvement. It’s way better than whatever Family Guy is churning out nowadays, that’s for damn sure. And let’s not forget the amazing Bob’s Burgers, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary today. That show started off really weak, but season 2 was a massive improvement and so were future seasons. Anything can happen and I have a positive feeling about Duncanville. Unfortunately, airing in the summer by itself with no other shows around it feels like a burn-off to me. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled, but we will see.

What are your thoughts on season 1 of Duncanville? What would you like to see improve or happen in the upcoming second season? Drop some comments below, and let me know.

For those who don’t know about Duncanville, or somehow forgot that it existed or what it is about, here’s the synopsis from Fox’s press site.

“From Emmy Award and Golden Globe winner Amy Poehler (“Parks and Recreation,” “Saturday Night Live”) and Emmy Award winners Mike and Julie Scully (THE SIMPSONS, “The Carmichael Show,” “Parks and Recreation”) comes DUNCANVILLE, an animated family comedy centered around a spectacularly average 15-year-old boy with a rich fantasy life, and the people in his world.

Like most 15-year-olds, DUNCAN (Poehler) can see adulthood on the horizon: money, freedom, cars, girls…but the reality is more like: always being broke, driving with your mom sitting shotgun and babysitting your little sister. He’s not exceptional, but he has a wild imagination in which he’s never anything less than amazing.

Duncan’s mom, ANNIE (Poehler), a parking enforcement officer who dreams of someday being a detective, lives in perpetual fear that her teenage son is one bad decision away from ruining his life and will do anything to stop him from doing so. Duncan’s father, JACK (Emmy Award winner Ty Burrell, “Modern Family”), husband to ANNIE, is a classic-rock-obsessed plumber who’s determined to be a better dad than the one he had. He’s constantly posting wonderful things about his family on Facebook and annoyed that his kids won’t friend him.

Duncan’s 12-year-old sister, KIMBERLY (Riki Lindhome, “Garfunkel and Oates: Trying to be Special,” “Another Period”), is awkward, emotional and can hold grudges forever, while waiting patiently for revenge. She’s all emotions all the time and nobody’s problems are bigger than hers.

Duncan confides in his friend and class clown, BEX (Betsy Sodaro “Another Period,” “Disjointed”), so much so, sometimes he even forgets she’s a girl. His stylish and swaggy friend, YANGZI (Yassir Lester, “Making History”), is proud to be a cool trend setter. Yangzi has learned that if he promotes companies on social media, they’ll always send him awesome free swag. Duncan’s next-door neighbor, WOLF (Zach Cherry, “You,” “Crashing”), is a bit reckless, having very little parental supervision.

Guest voices in the series are Emmy nominee Rashida Jones (“Parks and Recreation,” “Angie Tribeca”) as MIA, Duncan’s on-again, off-again crush, who never met a cause to which she wouldn’t dedicate her life; and Golden Globe nominee Wiz Khalifa (“American Dad!,” “BoJack Horseman”) as MR. MITCH, the universally loved teacher/guidance counselor, and occasional gym coach and school nurse, due to budget cuts. Joy Osmanski (“Santa Clarita Diet”) voices JING, Duncan’s six-year-old sister, who likes to shout “Watch me!” before executing the world’s slowest cartwheel.

DUNCANVILLE is produced by 20th Television, Universal Television, and FOX Entertainment. Mike Scully, Julie Scully and Amy Poehler co-created and executive-produce the series with executive producer Dave Becky. The series is animated by Bento Box Entertainment (BOB’S BURGERS).”