Werewolves 141: The Wonderful Werewolf of Oz! Chapter One

A gentle breeze nudges you towards and then onto the glimmering yellow brick road. The sky is blue, and your spirits are high as you begin your journey. You pass small cottages of every color imaginable, and friendly folk working in their yards, or passing the time on their porches, wave to you with smiles and encouraging hellos.

Conversations begin popping up here and there among your traveling comrades as you attempt to get to know each other.

“Hello and who might you be?”

“Do you know how we got here?”

“Where is here, anyway?”

Presently your journey falls into a pleasant rhythm of introductions and salutations as you spend your time amiably ambling down this uncertain road. You look forward to what lies ahead with eagerness and inquisitiveness. And maybe, just maybe, a small smidgen of dread.


Cowardly Lion


Flying Monkeys

Glinda the Good Witch

Horse of a Different Color

Lollipop Guild




Wicked Witch of the West

The Wizard of Oz


At the start of the game there will be:

19 Town

3 Wolves

1 SK

Non-Role Related Item

Ruby Slippers: Each Night these will be given to a player RNG’d from all players, and they will effectively act as a Medic and save that Player from a Night Kill. If certain conditions are met then they will no longer be RNG’d but instead stay with one player, and that player will become a Medic permanently.

This is a pretty standard Werewolf set up with a couple of extras thrown in. 

Rules and Stuff

-Players’ Roles/Powers will be revealed upon death. 

-No direct quotes from your QT without Mod approval.

-Attack arguments not players.

-Minimum three comments per Day, please.

-Do not edit your comments without Mod approval.

-Ties in the Vote Thread will result in RNG between the tied Players.

-Read the header each new Day to keep yourself informed of any changes.

-Be nice to each other and have fun.

jake and I are thrilled to go on this new adventure with all of you <3!


1) Louie: William Jennings Bryan

2) Goat: Bilbil

3) dice: Sentient Rainbow Oats

4) Mac: A Crocodile

5) Beelzebot: Chet Maxwell, Hollywood Agent

6) Ham: Sheleeta the Zookeeper

7) Hayes: Petra

8) Jude: Debette Goldry

9) Josephus: Doctor Soos

10) Lamb: Fozzy Lion

11) Indy: Jackie Daytona, Human Bartender

12) April: Smokey the Bear

14) dw: The Bad Guy

15) Lindsay: McGruff the Crime Dog

16) Video: Mr. Met

17) Narrowstrife: Bub the TaxiBubble

13) Shini: Billina

18) sic: Retsuko

19) Wasp: The Little Porcelain Girl Doll

20) Ralph: George Brett

21) Tiff: Dorothy Zbornak

22) Marlowe: Marlowe

23) Side: Miria Harvent/ Isaac Dian


1) moonster