The 1/6 Day Thread is a Frog

January 6th is Johnny Yong Bosch’s birthday!

Bosch played Adam in seasons 2-5 of Power Rangers and the 1995 theatrical movie. At one point in the movie, he’s a frog.

He’s a frog

In his post-Power Rangers career, he’s done a ton of voice acting, including:

He also started a band called Eyeshine1 that stopped making music a few years ago and I think it’s pretty cool but I also have no taste, so don’t listen to me about that

Also go check out my Ranger Ranker! series, where hopefully I managed to finish the one on Season 3 and the movie where he actually says “I’m a frog” by the time this goes up.

Future Zeussical says: Check it out here!

Yes this was all a big excuse to plug my thing.