Solar Opposites season 2 is coming to Hulu on March 26.

All images used in this article are from Hulu’s press release site. Solar Opposites ©2020 by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. They are used with their permission, as they are publicity images.

Already less than a year from season 1’s release date, and everyone’s favorite Shlorpians are back for another season! According to the Hulu teaser that was revealed just about an hour ago, Korvo and the gang are ready to head back to Shlorp; but their ship malfunctions, and they’re stuck on Earth, again. This means we’ll get more adventures with the replicants, Korvo and Terry, and more of the wall subplot as well. A lot of fans really loved the Wall subplot, and I just can’t wait to see more of their wacky adventures.

All eight episodes of Season 2 are scheduled to be released on March 26 on Hulu. Solar Opposites will also be on the Disney+ Star app, but the date for season 2 release for there is unknown. Solar Opposites will join seven other 20th Television animated shows on that upcoming service. They are Family Guy, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, Futurama, King of the Hill, The Cleveland Show, and Bless the Harts.

The order has not been confirmed yet, as season 1 was out of production order; but these are the upcoming episode titles in production code order.

“The Sacred Non-Repeating Number”

“The Earth Eraser”

“Lake House Device”

“The Solar Opposites Almost Get an Xbox”

“The Rad Awesome Terrific Ray”

“The Apple Pencil Pro”

“The Unlikely Demise of Terry’s Favorite Shot Glass”

“The Emergency Urbanizer”

One episode has them going to a lake house, according to an animatic teaser. Stay tuned for more news on Solar Opposites.