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Jan 6, 2021 Overnight Politics Thread: The Coup of the Epiphany

It’s not a slow news day, and here’s a new PT to prevent Disqus from borking.

There’s a bunch of seditious terrorists who’ve been storming the capitol all day and one woman has died. Trump gave a really shitty speech saying “Now, now, we can’t be doing that people. Even though you are totally right and I won and you are all very special and I love you.” And then his Twitter account got suspended for 12 hours.

Many members of Congress have vowed to stay through the night to get the business of the election certification done. Everywhere you look there are people discussing Trump’s impeachment or removal under the 25th Amendment because he incited sedition and violence.

Don’t do what Donny / Fonzi does: Don’t post things advocating for death and harm. Also known as the McSquirrel rule. And don’t use the phrase “McSquirrel” to get around advocating for death or harm. Busy day for the mods, give us a break.

Life is moving too fast for clams, folks, scroll down.

Stay safe and stay sane.