The Tuesday PT Says Happy New Year I Guess

Honestly, I’m sick of thinking of time as a line. I’m more interested in flat circles. Speaking of:

Y’all been following what’s been happening in Belarus? I’ll let NPR explain in succinct (if gentle) terms:

“Women have been at the forefront of protests against the regime of President Alexander Lukashenko, whose claim of victory in an August election is widely disputed. Holding flowers and flags, they gather weekly, risking arrest, harassment and beating by security forces.”

Have you heard about Nina Bahinskaya, a 73-year-old great-grandmother who has become an icon of the protest movement? Certified badass this one.

This has been going on since August. People are being disappeared.

In an obviously and actually stolen election, the protests seem to feel a bit different, no?

Little One Shouts “Long Live Belarus”

Elsewhere, we witness absolute corruption to continue with relative impunity. I speak, this time, of Kyrgyzstan. So this dude, Raimbek Matraimov, the former deputy head of Kyrgyzstan’s National Customs Service, blatantly stole money and peddled influence. He bacame incredibly wealthy right in everyone’s faces. Long story short, the people eventually had enough of this shit, fought the powers that be in the streets at time, and the political party ol boy came from was defeated.


“Initially, Japarov promised that Matraimov would go behind bars. But in October, a deal was struck by which Matraimov would pay the Kyrgyz state US$24 million in damages and live under house arrest. On 9 December, the US sanctioned Matraimov under its Magnitsky Act, citing human rights violations and significant corruption.”

And then Bellingcat has seemingly exposed the family jet-setting it in villas and in Dubai. I tells ya, nothing should fight cultural or racial superiority than the bald corruption we see all around the world. Horrible creatures, all of us.

To close on a good note, I’ll sweep my gaze closer to home for a story about Cori Bush! Holy shit, that’s awesome.

“I had no title, no name, came out of the Ferguson uprising and people know who I am across the world,” Bush told the New York Times earlier this month after Clay accused her of being a “prop” for the Justice Democrats. “Not because I took money from some group — none of that. It is because I stayed true to a message of change for real people. He doesn’t understand that, because he doesn’t understand fighting for people.”

I’ll leave off with this likle tweet that gave me some feelings.

Don’t step on the flowers. Smoke em if you got em.