Call Me Kat S1E1: “Plus One”

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Episode summary (spoilers): Kat’s mom worries about her and relationships when she mentions that Kat’s friend Tara is about to have her second wedding (renewing her vows more so), while she remains single at 39. Kat decides to go to the bar, where she encounters a man named Max, her crush from college. Turns out he just broke up with a girlfriend and moved back to Kentucky from Europe, and so he remains open. However, Kat is still committed to taking Phil as her Plus One. Unfortunately, at the wedding, her mom ruins her wedding dress when she fights with her daughter over a drink. And Kat is unable to convince everyone that the obviously gay Phil, is her boyfriend at her friend Tara’s renewal vow wedding.

She has a talk with her mom at home later and assures that she will be okay being single and she will rock being single at her age of 39. The next day, Kat’s crush Max, who we saw at the local pub and wedding reception before, heads to her café to catch up but Kat accidentally kicks him in the face, and his nose could be broken. In the end, the actors wave to the audience while the credits play.

My thoughts: So I’ve never seen the show that Call Me Kat is based off of, the BBC British sitcom Miranda, so I can’t speak for which show had the better first episode. However, Fox’s last sitcom effort, Outmatched, despite just as low critic scores, had a stronger pilot than this. I actually kinda enjoyed Outmatched and I was pretty upset when that was cancelled because I thought a second season could be enough to improve their problems. Now enter Fox’s second sitcom under the new Fox label, Call Me Kat, as the old Fox (20th Century Fox) was bought by Disney. This joint production with Warner Bros. needs a lot of improvement as I was really looking forward to this show to be Fox’s new hit sitcom and the preview clips were the funniest parts, unfortuntately. I was left disappointed instead. One thing that needs to improve are the jokes. Most of them tend to be fourth wall breaks, and while some of them are funny, like the “Hot Max” wall break, others are not so much funny, to the point where I forgot most of them due to how unmemorable they were. The characters weren’t that memorable either. Mayim Bialik steals the show with her acting, despite the mostly, unfunny writing, but the rest of the regular cast is so unmemorable and boring at the moment, so I hope in future episodes, they get more screentime. In addition, since the show is about a cat café, there should have been more of a focus on that. Instead, it pushed it off to the side when a pilot episode should at least have a plot where the café is the main focus. The Great North‘s pilot was pretty good with being consistent with its premise, so that was another issue I had with the pilot of Call Me Kat.

However, I have to say I did like the talk between Kat and her mom about relationships because if you were a parent with a 30-year old single kid, you would be worried about them too. I thought that was somewhat sweet and heartfelt. Also, I will praise them for some comedy that was funny that wasn’t a fourth wall break, when Kat kicked Max in the face. I kinda laughed at that.

“Plus One” is an passable, okay entry into a new series, but I enjoyed Outmatched‘s pilot more than this and that show managed to stay consistently solid and somewhat funny too. I’ll watch the whole season, because I can’t judge a show off one episode, let alone the pilot. This show will have to improve in episodes 2 and onwards, otherwise I can’t see it lasting very long. The show so far tries a little too hard with the fourth wall breaks and they need to tone down on them, otherwise it will get old fast and be even less funny than it is now, which is not really a compliment. The structure of the plot at least works, and there’s some heart. Now the show just has to be funnier.

Overall rating: 4/10