30 Day Music Challenge Day 4: Best 1950s Song

Before we dig into a few other areas, we’re going to work through some of the decades to talk about our favorite song. It’s not always going to be one that might define a decade, but there’s a song from most decades that will just click for us in a lot of different ways. We’ll start in the 1950s here first so we give the era a chance to shine, but this gives you a few days to think ahead as well and not be quite as on the spot.

One of the things I’ve loved for the past twenty years of being an Sirus/XM subscriber is having the decades channels. I spent a lot of time driving my kids around when they were little and we worked our way across all the decades, introduced them to a lot of music, and talked about a lot of different styles and approaches to music. They may not go back to much of it but it’s very much embedded in them, and it was a great refresher for me. For the 50s, I grew up as a kid coming to it from my father watching a lot of Elvis movies on VHS or broadcast and associating that with it or things like Happy Days and American Graffiti. I have a weird affection for the period through things like that and movies like Grease… go figure!

What sticks the most? Blame it on Animal House.