The MF DOOM Night Thread (January 1st, 2021)

She said, “Excuse me Villain, you be illin’ with the wordplay”

He said, “Thank you very much, I’m billin’ ’til Thursday”

It was announced on the final day of 2020 that Daniel Dumile, otherwise known as the rapper MF DOOM, had sadly passed away at the age of 49 on October 31st. Tributes poured in from the hip-hop community all around the world.

Tell ’em the basics

Basically, break the Matrix

And just for kicks, make ’em gel like Asics

Dumile began his music career in the 90s as Zev Lov X in the group KMD along with his brother DJ Subroc, they disbanded in 1993 following his accidental death in a car crash. After disappearing from the scene for several years, Dumile resurfaced in 1998 at an open mic poetry session at New York’s Nuyorican Poets’ Cafe. Now wearing the metal mask he would not be seen in public without and calling himself MF DOOM – remember, all caps when you spell the man’s name – he quickly built up a devoted fan following due to his dense wordplay and rhyme skills.

In living, the true gods

Giving y’all nothing but the lick like two broads

Got more lyrics than the church got “Ooh Lords”

And he hold the mic and your attention like two swords

An unparalleled lyricist and producer, his discography of solo studio albums reads like a litany of classic 21st Century hip-hop: ‘Operation: Doomsday’, ‘Take Me to Your Leader’, ‘Vaudeville Villain’, ‘Mm… Food’, and ‘Born Like This’. Then of course there were the collaboration albums, including the peerless ‘Madvillainy’ with Madlib, and ‘The Mouse and the Mask’ with Dangermouse. He produced so many songs for other artists and dropped guest verses on innumerable more. He was famous – or perhaps infamous – for sending stand-ins under the mask to concerts.

If you gonna hate, might at least get your rumours straight

About DOOM the Great, a lot more confident

Came a long way since the days we had to rhyme for rent

It was time well spent, vented, spelt and dented, hell-bented and heaven-scented


One for the money, two for the better green

Three, four Methylenedioxmethamphetamine

Told the knock-kneed ghetto queen, “Get the head fiend”

Tell him it’s for Medellin and use oxyacetylene

His music was the soundtrack to my life for many years, and still is in a lot of ways; and I’m sure for a lot of you, too. What’s your favourite DOOM album, track, lyric? Did you ever see him (the real him) live?

DOOM hit the eye in the sky with a pie

Shrink said he thinks he believe he could fly

Spread his wings and flap like a goose

He’ll show you how to do it if you help him get the straps loose

Have a fine night, everyone.