Jeopardy! recap for Thur., Dec. 31 (encore from Nov. 14, 2011)

Here are the contestants for game one of the 2011 Tournament of Champions final:

  • Buddy, an operations engineer from Fort Worth, Texas, wants the prize money for a new house;
  • Tom, a writer from Seattle, Washington, would like to buy more time to write; and
  • Roger, a computer scientist from Newark, Delaware, used computer science in preparing for the show.

Roger was already ahead when he doubled up twice on back-to-back clues, taking a massive advantage into FJ at $43,200 vs. $11,000 for Buddy and $9,400 for Tom.

DD1 – $800 – THE DOCTOR WILL “C” YOU NOW – What’s that I say? You need this type of implant in your inner ear that directly stimulates the hearing nerve (Buddy won $1,200 on a true DD.)

DD2 – $1,200 – NOVELS – Her “Agnes Grey” appeared in 1847 under the pseudonym Acton Bell (note the initials) (Roger won $9,000 on a true DD vs. $7,400 for Tom.)

DD3 – $1,600 – LANGUAGES – Although Dutch is the official language, Sranan Tongo is spoken by most people in this South American country(On the very next clue from DD2, Roger won $18,000 on a true DD.)

FJ – THE PRESIDENTIAL CABINET – 7 women have been the secretary of this, the most for any department in the president’s cabinet

Roger and Tom were correct on FJ. Roger added $6,800 to finish at an even $50,000, and of course went on to win the tournament.

TV troubles: Tellingly, the players had no problem naming the old sitcoms after being told the TV moms, but had no idea about the current ones (“Two and a Half Men” and “Up All Night”).

That day in Trebekistan: Alex eventually figured out that Roger was having some fun with him when he asked what the one-day record was, which Roger himself had set at $77,000.

Correct Qs: DD1 – What is a cochlear implant? DD2 – Who was Anne Brontë? DD3 – What is Suriname? FJ – What is Labor?