Triviacados: Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Can the first person here each day create a Results thread so it’s always first when sorted by Oldest? That will make it much easier to track results.

Quiz Type: Forced Order / Minefield

Quiz Note: Instructions: Click on each country in alphabetical order according to what its first letter SHOULD be, e.g. Ngola; Ulgaria; Hina… etc. (Angola; Bulgaria; China…) No countries begin with W or X. Each country in the quiz begins with a different letter of the alphabet (in its actual spelling).

Or visit the quiz here.

Remember to post your results (as a %) in the Results thread (sort by Oldest), including time left on the clock for tie-breaking purposes.

Sunday: Miscellaneous
Monday: Literature
Tuesday: Geography
Wednesday: Music
Thursday: History
Friday: Movies & TV
Saturday: Science & Nature

If you’d like to create the Sunday quiz (or use a quiz you’ve already created), just let forget_it_jake know on the Triviacados thread.