Artist Spotlight and Interview – Madam Misfit

Coming straight outta Lincoln, with vim, vigour and vaudevillian vocals, Madam Misfit gives a lady like spin to the Chaphop (Chapess Hop?) and Electroswing genres. After a meeting with Professor Elemental, she moved from fan to performer and in short order was fronting up to the Professor and the other leading lights of the Steampunk scene.

I caught up with Madam Misfit via the safest form of social distancing, the internet and asked her a few questions.

You’ve worked with Professor Elemental (and dissed him too, as seen above) , do you have any other collaborations in the pipeline? And who would be on your dream collaboration list?
Oooh yes, many – but I like to keep a few things up my sleeve, however in a recent interview with Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq we did discuss a little Youtube video collaboration together on a fantastic swinging little classic number – so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that!
As for a dream collaboration, well no other than the Founder of Chaphop himself – Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer – however like you said – just a dream – it would be rather splendid to collab with the entire ChapHop family though.

You’re keeping busy in spite of *gestures at everything*
Keeping busy, ah yes, ahem, you mean trying to look busy despite nothing actually happening – yes we’ve all become masters of that! 
I’m keeping busy with an exciting new project that promotes women in music, Swing Sisters is being fronted by the label “Prohibition” and includes 10 lovely ladies involved in swing of various styles (me being the very far out chaphop type) we are currently working on releasing an album together in Spring of next year plus more virtual and hopefully actual live shows! If anyone is interested in the project or how to support us – then head over to @Prohibitionmcr for more details.
My track for the Swing Sisters project has been written and recorded and is in waiting for the launch of the album – it is a slightly less silly track than my previous releases but still comprises of rap and my new passion of vintage sounding close harmony chorus lines.

(1906) Madam Misfit @ Prohibition Swing Sisters Online Party 19.12.20 – YouTube

In your previous musician career you travelled the world. Where was your favourite place to play, and where would you want to play internationally after all this pandemic nonsense is out of the way?
Yes, I travelled the world as part of Her Majesty’s Royal Air Force – as a musician I travelled from the Edinburgh tattoo through to a much warmer version for the “Tattoo Down under” in New Zealand (I’m sure you can guess which one I preferred) although my favourite place to have played was at India Gate – New Delhi. The audience was made up of members of the Embassy and snake charmers – very bizarre! Internationally – ooh how lovely – it’d be nice to just escape my county currently but post the you know what – I’d love to get over to the states, having spent a lot of time in California and Vegas it’d be awesome to get out there and do my thingI

Madam Misfit : The Movie…..what’s in that? Superpowers? Detective work? Elaborate musical numbers with a talking animal sidekick?
Oooh now you’re talking – it’s always been my dream to use my power as a red head for good (or bad), it was actually my bonnet that helped me decide on my name as “Misfit” so it’d be nice to be able to put some red head super power out there! I have a vision of an army of fiery red heads, infecting the world with ginger biscuits to once again rule as the dominant gene, although this sounds very similar to the video behind my first track “Red Haired Misfit”, actually, maybe i’d be better as a baddie – obviously we’d have many weaknesses and sunlight would be the death of us – but there’s a movie in there somewhere! As for the music, well…I love to do a big dramatic solemn ballad just at my point of death as I reach for bottle of factor 50, I’ve always wanted to write a pompous march so maybe my army would be the perfect excuse for this!