30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 29: Your Favorite JRPG

The field of videogames is one that offers a lot of different things to experience and one kind of game that I got exposed to early on left a big impression on me. While I was never able to actually finish any over the years, during my heydays of gaming I absolutely loved JRPG style games. There was so much mystery about all the games that were made but never ported over that I was endlessly fascinated just by reading about them. It’s not an area that I’ve kept up with in recent years as my gaming time has shrunk, but it holds a lot of nostalgia. I can still remember all the time I spent playing my favorite, Secret of Mana back on the SNES.

What’s your favorite JRPG?

Bonus Question: Which non-JRPG would you like to see get an incarnation as a JRPG?