Gaming FB


So to make sure that everything is done in an orderly fashion, here is how its going to work:

Under the comment GAMES, I’ll be replying with the current major systems of multiplayer: Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Phone and Crossplatform (can play with other players regardless of system). Under those, reply with the game you want to be part of the schedule. If someone has already said the game you want to be part of the schedule, upvote them as a sign of support.

To make life easy, only volunteers will decide the times of each game since they’ll be the ones hosting matches. To volunteer, just comment under the game and say what days/times you would be willing to host. For others, be sure to upvote any time/day that you want to join in. I’d recommend waiting at least a week after this, but the volunteers can host the games whenever they want/can.

And to make everything perfectly clear, I will not be hosting any of these games, mostly due to my awful wi-fi.

If there is any questions, feel free to comment under Questions.