30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 28: Your Favorite MMO/Experience

The MMO experience is something that I really haven’t had in a long time and a part of me desperately misses it. Way back in the 90s, I used to GM on a text-only MUD that was the precursor to the MMO experience with a service called Novalink where they ran Legends of Future Past. We had several years of great ongoing storylines, characters, and things built and added onto it constantly. It was one of my highlights as both a player and a GM because of the interaction, role-play, and more.

The MMO experience has really changed a lot since with the games that are out there but I’ve never made the connection again after that – though I wish I had been able to play Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic back in the day as I only hear largely good things about it.

So today’s question is what’s your favorite MMO or experience while playing one?

Bonus Question: Who all here is from the dial-up days of things like CompuServe and other direct-dial places and played limited games like Trade Wars on the BBS circuit?