Jeopardy! recap for Thur., Dec. 24 (encore from Nov. 6, 2007)

Please welcome today’s contestants for game two of the 2007 Tournament of Champions from Nov. 6, 2007:

  • Craig, a paramedic from Tucson, Arizona;
  • Nick, a publisher from Washington, D.C.; and
  • Celeste, a recent graduate student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Craig scored on all three DDs, and that made the difference in him leading into FJ with $21,600 vs. $15,800 for Celeste and $6,600 for Nick.

DD1 – $1,000 – ANAGRAMMED CANADIAN PROVINCES – A HACKSAW NEST (Craig won $5,000 on a true DD.)

DD2 – $800 – SCIENTISTS – In 1869 this Russian chemist predicted the properties of 3 undiscovered elements based on his periodic law (Craig won $6,000 from his score of $9,600 vs. $10,200 for Celeste.)

DD3 – $1,200 – HISTORIC SUPREME COURT DECISIONS? – Colorful recluse spider is found to cure lack of interest in the formal learning process (With two other clues remaining, Craig won $2,000 from his total of $18,000 vs. $15,800 for Celeste.)

FJ – HISTORIC NAMES – He is quoted as saying, “Another such victory over the Romans, and we are undone”

Everyone was correct on FJ. Craig added $5,000 to advance with $26,600. Craig went on to be eliminated in the next round, while Celeste, who advanced as a wild card, won the tournament.

Musical miscues: The players missed three out of five in BROADWAY MUSICALS, including the nickname of a “Lion King” cheetah puppet nicknamed after a “Chicago” star, Cheetah (Chita) Rivera.

Correct Qs: DD1 – What is Saskatchewan? DD2 – Who was Mendeleev? DD3 – What is Brown vs. Board (Bored) of Education? FJ – Who was Pyrrhus?