30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 23: The Best Voice Actor Cast

Coming from the age when there wasn’t any voice acting in games at all and just a lot of subtitled stuff in the 70s and 80s, I’ll admit easily that I love the way that it’s become such a huge part of the industry overall as time went on, especially combined with motion capture and other ways that brings the actors into the games more. There are times when I do prefer no voice acting to allow other ways of expression and that’s why I enjoy the various LEGO games so much. The various franchises when they got started were all full of the mumbles and the like and that definitely lead to some creative choices, which you can see in the video below if you’ve never really followed the games much. As time went on, they started adding actual acting to it – which was hugely controversial when it first happened – but it’s resulted in some really strong casts in the years since and has made for a lot of great humor. I can’t pick out one in particular because, quite honestly, the acting and performances in all of the LEGO games for years has been great across all platforms and I just want to praise the whole endeavour considering it wasn’t something they were doing at all for years.

Bonus question: Which game had the worst voice acting or just didn’t work right for various reasons?