The Tuesday PT Train Is Bound For Glory

Well. Here we are again. It’s Friday afternoon and I’m using up some of my use-it-or-lose-it time off (the tragedy I know). I’ve had recent chance to reflect on how life seems to take an oft circuitous path. But the more I thought on it, the more I was convinced that we put so much stock in what we come to expect, believing it would only ever be that way, that we miss every other pattern.

There seems to be a widely held believe that for salvation suffering must occur. Both the sanctifier and the sanctified must pay a price, whether personally or by a proxy. Personally, I think it has something to do with 99% of all of us getting a generally raw deal, but what do I know, I’m just some guy who pretends to be a birb on the internet.

Nazi punks preen off

Anyway, regardless on one’s stance vis-a-vis suffering for your salvation, the only non-psychotic interpretation of that need is an encouragement that in the end this too will pass. You can make it over the obstacles in your path. Have faith!

I was hospitalized for several days earlier this month, and it’s interesting where your brain takes you during the long hours. When those shadows stretch across the ceiling and you feel pretty damn far from home. While I have a generalized anxiety about life in general, I’m never so much worried about my own personal health. Again, a pattern, that is pretty obvious in retrospect, leading to where I found myself. But in those long hours was when I remembered that ultimately this is leading to the same place. From star dust to start dust.

Speaking of star stuff, the Great Conjunction is occurring on the 21st, which will have been yesterday from the today-today. Speaking from the now-now it is the future, but when you read this it is the past.

The Christians famously co-opted a bunch of pre-existing “holy days” to create their own personal mythology. Hey, some patterns repeat, you know? Anyway, the 21st is also the Solstice, marking the shortest day of the year and the “return of the sun” which for some folks is more literal than others. Traditionally a celebration of life, it is a mark on the cycle of existence. I bring it up because of course the very famous “holiday” of Christmas is coming up on the 25th and this is the last post o mine before that date. Christmas/Solstice is a celebration of rebirth and redemption. Life dies and is reborn. Was it ever dead? Was it ever not-dead? Is my conception of Self solidified or can I change it? Our tiny brains organize existence to the best of its abilities and we all muddle through somehow. In the end we experience agony and ecstasy. And so we rotate around the Sun again.

As we move into this new time frame, I hope I can keep focus on the deeper Mysteries. And mostly I hope that all my friends (that’s YOU) and loved ones (I won’t embarrass you by saying ALSO YOU) feel love and hope in the times ahead. Be well. Take care of yourself. Look downfield. We are in this together.

Don’t step on the flowers. Smoke em if you got em.