30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 22: A Superior Sequel

Sequels are a big part of entertainment media across the board and video games are no exception. The stakes are high with them since there’s a perception for at least some of them that they’re never as good or can undermine what made the original game good or it can just go off in some completely strange direction that it no longer appeals in the same way.

Some sequels are just simple in a lot of ways, especially going back decades to older consoles or coin-op, but even then you could see that making certain adjustments to playability would in turn ruin the game for many.

What sequel game for you was better than its original in just about all ways?

For me, the one that my mind draws toward the most, is Battlefield: Vietnam. I had played the 1942 game a ton and really enjoyed it on top of others that dabbled in that realm, but when this iteration came out there was something that just had me enjoying it even more. As many hours as I spent on the predecessor, it was easily double with this one and I lament the lack of ability to go back and play it in this day.

Bonus: Which sequel failed its original?