30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 19: 9th Gen Era Console War

While we’ve been looking at the past console wars and where things stand, we’re actually at the first stages of the latest one. Though once again, Nintendo is operating on its own cycle and that works pretty nicely in my mind. 

With this generation, we’ve had the Nintendo Switch out for a few years and while there’s lots of crossover, same as with previous recent consoles of theirs, Nintendo plays to a somewhat different audience. I’ve actually liked that they’re “off-cycle” as it puts them in a somewhat different competitive mode.

With this generation, we had the launches last month (or this very week as I write this in the past) of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S. It’s amusing after going through a few days of past generations and talking about the millions of units sold and to deal with the small numbers being moved here amid a pandemic, which is definitely coloring it. This is also, for me, the first generation where I have not bought a console on launch for either of the big two but did end up with a Switch on launch. I may actually skip a generation this time around, particularly since like the much older days we no longer seem to get price drops on older hardware.

Anyway, we’re going kind of more open with today’s challenge with a kind of two-fold approach.

If you’ve not bought yet, when’s your buy-in date for any of them and what title is it that will get you to make the leap?

If you’ve already bought, sound off on your experiences and let us know what games on it are rocking your world?

If you’re a Switch person, you just get to gush. 😀