Comic Book Review – Venom #31

Writer – Donny Cates

Artist – Iban Coello

King in Black #1 ended with Knull tearing the symbiote Venom from Eddie Brock and dropping the lethal protector from the top of a high-rise building. Venom #31 picks up immediately after these events.

Rex Strickland is recording his final thoughts about Eddie. Eddie is falling to his death as he prays that God protects his son, Dylan, from becoming like him. Dylan is safely protected in an underground bunker and watches live breaking news of the battle between Knull and Venom and Eddie’s final moments.

That’s pretty much what happens in this issue and I can’t believe I spent $3.99 on this!

After waiting five days to see what would happen in the next chapter of the King in Black saga, I once again ran to the comic book store to pick up this issue. I was very disappointed after reading it. All the momentum King in Black #1 had going for itself comes to a screeching halt in Venom #31. It was all filler until King in Black #2 is released in two weeks. Most of the events that took place in King in Black #1 are rehashed. The ongoing Venom series should have taken a hiatus until King in Black runs it course. That would have been the logical step to take. Marvel Comics should be ashamed of itself for releasing this comic book. I am going to have to stick with the main miniseries and check out other titles like Black Cat and Spider-Woman that will tie in with the event instead.

My advice: take the four dollars and twenty seven cents you would spend on this issue of Venom and put it to better use, like donating the money to charity, spending it on a gift for a family member, or buy another new release comic like Home Sick Pilots.

If you want this issue, I will gladly send it to you in the mail, so you can read it for yourself. Hell, if you want the digital code, let me know in the comments section and I’ll give it to you.

Next Issue – “King in Black arrives! Eddie Brock is about to face the biggest challenge of his life…but he’s not alone.” In Stores January 6, 2021.