Avocado Day Thread

Nemesis Games Day Thread (December 16, 2020)

That’s right, sports fans, Christmas comes early for lovers of The Expanse with the fifth season which begins on Amazon prime today! For some crazy reason the ten episodes are being released weekly like it’s the Mandalorian or something. Let us binge, Bezos! I’m sure some helpful Avocado will put up a discussion thread when the time is right.

Sadly of course, this will be the penultimate season before the show finishes with season six. Without saying much about the books, it seems implausible that the two will end in wildly different fashions. Let’s celebrate what we do have, though! This season is apparently drawing mostly from Nemesis Games (hence the title!) and promises more than a little turmoil …

Enjoy your day and take care of yourselves, everybody!