Jimmy: The Sweet 16

As per usual in the first rounds, we had a lot of blow outs, but we did have two upsets. 18th seeded Destry Rides Again trapped 15th seeded Fievel in American Tail 2 10 votes to 7. And by just one vote, 22nd seeded Bend of the River captured 11th seeded After the Thin Man 8 votes to 7!

Perhaps we should make the Top 10 get bye weeks, like in (American) Football playoffs, so that the smaller films have more of a chance. Poor Broken Arrow got a big fat donut from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance: 28 to zip.

But even without The Greatest Show on Earth, the show must go on. And some of these are pitting classic against classic ALREADY!

But what’s it going to be? Only YOU can decide!