30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 16: 32-bit Era Console War

We’re spending a few days hitting up the realm of console wars and essentially making them a free-for-all for that period, the machines of the time, the games, and all the things that made it awesome and horrible. Next up is the 32-bit era which was made up of the war between the Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, and PlayStation 2.

For reference in terms of unit sales:

FM Towns Marty – 45,000
Amiga CD32 – 100,000
Atari Jaguar – 250,000
3DO – 2,000,000
PC-FX – 400,000
Sega 32X – 665,000
Sega Saturn – 9,260,000
PlayStation – 102,490,000
Nintendo 64 – 32,930,000
Apple Pippin – 42,000

What are your faves? What hits the nostalgia button more than anything else? Anything goes in today’s challenge!

(and yes, these were set out of order by accident, so we get a double-header today)