Favorite Non-Traditional Christmas Movie

Every year, we like to sit down and watch our favorite Christmas movies by ourselves or with family and friends. I always try to catch It’s a Wonderful Life and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story every year to ring in the holiday season.

What about those movies that are Christmas adjacent? In recent years, there has been debate if Die Hard is a Christmas movie. What about Lethal Weapon? Gremlins? Iron Man 3?

There are a bunch of movies that are considered Christmas movies that some people might not agree with or be on the same page about and that’s all right.

Today’s discussion – Your Favorite Non-Traditional Christmas Movie

Tell us your favorite, not so favorite, and hidden gems in the comments section.

I’d like to add a few to my watchlist before the end of the year and I’m sure others will want to do the same.

Have fun with it and let’s spark a few friendly debates.